The best dota2 case opening website - dota2case

We have all heard of the three-party csgo case opening site, but many friends have not heard of the three-party dota2 case opening site. The three-party dota2 case opening website is a third-party website. By collecting the high-quality skins in dota2, the collection is put into the box and set different probability. The players with good luck can drive to the precious skin with a small amount. The probability of opening a high-value skin to a three-party open box website is much higher than the probability of an official treasure. It is recommended that players who want to try their luck to get precious skins to play the case opening of the three-party dota2 case opening website.

Today I want to recommend a website to everyone. It is the best dota2 three-party case opening website, click the link ⇒dota2case to enter the site.


The probability setting of the website is currently the most conscience, and the website experience is also the best among all the dota2 case opening websites. I have compiled a set of strategies for everyone. You can use the recommendation code dotasites plus the rebate mechanism of the website itself to get the maximum amount of recharge and out of the box, and continue to look down.

Friends can go to the home page and click on each box to view the skins inside. The more expensive the box, the higher the probability that it will open to expensive skins.


For those who want to play, you can use our recommended code to get an extra 5% bonus. First click on the login button in the top right corner to log in to the website.


After logging in, click the plus sign next to the avatar to recharge. When you recharge, click on the recommended code dotasites in the location shown in the figure, and then recharge, you will get 5% more. Explain here, the website has original bonus 3%, at the same time the use of the referral code and the original website's top-up bonus are independent, if you Using our referral code, you can add an extra 5% recharge according to the recharge amount. For example, if you use the recommended code and recharge $50, the rebate amount is 8%, $4. If the recharge does not have the correct rebate, you can email me at [email protected], but please make sure that: 1. Your account has not used any other referral codes. 2. Your account has not clicked on the referral link of other referral websites. There is also the other bonus below, continue to look down.


If you join the dota2case community, you can get 7% out of the box, such as opening a $100 box, which will give you an account amount of $7. Click the button below.


Modify your own game name as shown below, and verify that you can get 7% out of the box. Now, if you have a recharge of $50, the total bonus is 3%+5%+7%=15%, you can start playing case opening in dota2case.


In the last sentence, whether it is the official dota2 case opening or the three-way dota2 case opening, all the case opening experience has a lot of randomness, please be cautious when you have bad luck.

The following is the opening record of me. Small profit overall. I only opened $145 case once and get a Genuine Golden Pale Mausoleum. And i can spend $15 to get a Scorching Talon. But i lose money when i opened a $15 case for a Team Pennant: NaVi.